Have you been suffering from repeated migraines?

Is your snoring disturbing others next to you?

Ever thought that this could be to a faulty temporomandibular joint?….

The temporal bones of the skull present in front of each ear are connected to the jaw with the help of a temporomandibular joint. This joint helps you move the jaw up and down, chew, talk, and yawn. When there is malpositioning or distortion of this temporomandibular joint otherwise abbreviated as TMJ, it can result in inconsistent chewing, wrong breathing, and failed orthodontic treatments. This happens because the lower teeth and the upper teeth do not occlude like they should. There is a drift in the mandibular positioning and the body is forced to find a solution to the problem. As the positioning is altered the mandible articulates with the skull in a different way leading to a temporomandibular joint disorder or TMD. Many important nerves travel through this region that are constantly stimulated and are hyperactive for prolonged periods of time leading to headaches, neck aches, migraine, snoring etc.

Dr. Rajesh Raveendranath – At Smile Architect

Dr. Rajesh Raveendranath is a TMJ Consultant at the Smile Architect. He is only one of the few NMD (neuromuscular medicine / dentistry) surgeons practicing in India. Dr. Rajesh treats TMDs successfully in two phases:

Phase I: Splint therapy: A TENS device is used to relax facial muscles; the actual position of the mandible is determined with a highly sophisticated tracking device; a lower splint is constructed to fill space between teeth.

Phase II: After about 5 to 6 months, the splint is removed and the space is permanently closed with orthodontic therapy.

Dr. Rajesh Raveendranath has treated several patients successfully using NMD. The ROSAT is a trademarked appliance belonging to Dr. Rajesh that cures both TMD and OSA.

For easy and cost-effective TMD treatments call the Smile Architect today.

Authored By DR.Girish P.V – Orthodontist, Bangalore