Extractions and minor oral surgeries

Individuals who require oral surgery to resolve issues with their teeth may find their ideal solution in the range of treatments offered at Smile Architect Dental Clinic.

The type of procedure carried out often depends on the needs of the individual and the purpose their oral surgery is likely to serve. Many people may need oral surgery to prepare for dentures to be fitted, while others may need to undergo a wisdom tooth extraction.

Tooth extraction is usually carried out for a number of different reasons, including severe gum disease that has damaged the supportive bone, serious tooth decay where nerves and blood vessels have died, and a broken tooth that is beyond repair.

In addition, in current times a high number of patients choose to have a number of teeth removed for cosmetic purposes, such as to reduce overcrowding at the front of the mouth.

During this procedure, a Smile Architect Dental Clinic oral surgeon will inject local anaesthetic into the appropriate area, meaning worried individuals can rest assured that they will not feel any pain throughout the procedure.

Following this, a practitioner will widen the area the tooth sits in using an elevator then move it until it is loose enough to be removed completely. Although it is likely that patients will feel some pressure throughout the surgery, the strength of our modern anaesthetic will remove the need for concern regarding pain.

When the tooth has been badly broken down, it may require small incisions into the gum so that the root can be extracted surgically, patients may receive stitches or a piece of soft padding to stop the bleeding.

Wisdom teeth extraction is often required when the tooth has grown at an angle as a result of a lack of room left in the back of the mouth when they begin to emerge.

Although this procedure is not always required, individuals are advised to attend a consultation with their dentist to prevent the onset of a number of dental health problems that could occur as a result of the issue.

Food and bacteria can get trapped under the gum between the gum and the partially erupted wisdom tooth that has not fully grown through the gum tissue, which could result in the development of harmful decay on the wisdom tooth and the molar tooth in front of it.

Authored By DR.Girish P.V – Orthodontist, Bangalore