More about Dentures

Patients with missing teeth hoping to improve their confidence by wearing high quality and natural-looking dentures could benefit from a range of dentures available from Smile Architect Dental Clinic.

Depending on the needs of the patient, practitioners are able to provide a wide variety of solutions for people who may have experienced a lack of confidence as a result of an unattractive smile.

Flexible Dentures provide a great level of comfort for wearers due to the fact that they adapt to the shape of the gums. This means that there is no need for ugly metal clasps or dental adhesive to hold them in place.

As the name suggests, the dentures flex into position while providing a number of benefits for people who may have found it difficult to wear traditional dentures as a result of irregularities with the shape of their mouths.

These appliances are among the most aesthetically pleasing for image-conscious patients who are hoping to ensure their smile appears natural, in order for them to smile with confidence.

A cost-effective and quicker alternative to metal dentures comes in the form of acrylic dentures, which are created using a simpler design than their more expensive counterparts.

Acrylic dentures can be easily added to and so are ideal for cases where there is a questionable prognosis of the remaining teeth and there is a possibility that more teeth may need to be removed in future and the denture extended.

Immediate dentures are available to wear on the same day as the natural teeth are extracted to provide a temporary alternative while soft tissue healing takes place post tooth extraction.

Before teeth are removed, the dentist will take an impression of the mouth and then create a custom set of immediate dentures, which allows the gum tissue to heal effectively following the extraction.

Selecting immediate dentures eliminates the need for patients to spend months without any teeth, while removing issues with speaking and eating

While it is vital that individuals take thorough care of their dentures to ensure they maintain their sparkle for as long as possible, we recognize that accidents can occur and provide a same day denture repair service for patients.

Cracked or fractured fixtures can often be fixed with the insertion of strengthening substances and stains can also be removed if the appliances become discoloured over time.

It is important that patients never attempt to repair their own dentures to prevent worsening an issue that could have been easily resolved. In addition, taking precautions when removing and inserting the appliances is recommended to limit the chance of a breakage.

Authored By DR.Girish P.V – Orthodontist, Bangalore