Wedding smiles Goals Met At Invisible Braces

The big day when two hearts join together to start a new adventure – THE WEDDING DAY! Don’t you too wish to be the prettiest and the best of all on your big day? But what is restraining you? We, Invisible Braces, Bangalore help you bring out the best smile in you for your wedding day- not just for your wedding day but for days beyond. Invisible Braces, being the best cosmetic dentist in Bangalore promises the best results within stipulated time with perfection and accuracy. The wide range of the cosmetic dentistry along with the facial rejuvenation treatments assures you the confidence to take the walk being the sparkle of the day!

We, Invisible Braces provide a range of treatments and corrections and plan each client’s treatment chart accordingly. The basic services we provide are:

Teeth whitening / Laser tooth whitening

A tooth can sometimes be stained or yellowish due to several reasons like personal habits, food habits etc. Therefore teeth whitening is the best option.

Laminates / Porcelain veneers

These translucent porcelain shells are bonded to the front side of the teeth that are worn, discolored, malformed, chipped, slightly misaligned, or have spaces between them in order to correct them.

Clear aligners/Lingual invisible braces.

For the brides and grooms who have been wearing the steel braces may find them a bit odd for their wedding day, so let’s change them to invisible braces this time.

Some of the other services that we provide are,

  • Changing silver fillings to White fillings Let it look natural, for that’s what we want!
  • Gum surgery/ crown lengthening treatments.
  • Fix your gummy smile, when a tooth needs to be exposed more.
  • Dental jewelry

Why don’t you add a sparkle to your smile? Let it brighten your smile.

Invisible braces, Bangalore helps you achieve the best look that you have ever craved for your day. So, why wait for more? Make an appointment with our specialized panel of doctors, for wedding smile makeover Bangalore, step in at our clinic at Bangalore and start realizing your wedding day! Make your wedding smile classy!

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