Top 10 Reasons Why Aligner is the best choice for Athletes/Sportspersons

A bright and beautiful smile has a vital role in every athlete’ s/sports person’s life. However, some may find it challenging to deliver this smile due to crooked and misaligned teeth. Wearing metal braces can, of course, help to solve this problem. But, experts’ advice is to choose clear aligners over traditional metal braces. The following are the reasons why clear aligners are best for athletes/sportspersons.

  • Problem with Braces: You can play sports wearing braces, but some sports require players to wear a mouth guard to prevent damage to the teeth. The player must go to get a customized mouth guard from their dentist.
  • Playing sports: Aligners allows the players to enjoy sports. When a player falls, the aligners don’t pop out. Take out your aligners and stack them safely in their case before the game. After removing the aligners, wear a mouthguard. After your game, brush your teeth and snap it back.
  • Customize your mouth Guard: if you want to keep your aligners while playing, your dentist can make you a custom mouth guard that fits over the aligners. This helps you to play sports.
  • Smile: You can give a perfect smile. On the other hand, with braces, you cannot eat certain foods, like popcorn. But, aligners are removable, so feast your favorite food and brush and floss afterward.
  • Avoid Injury: Using braces is a bad decision while playing; the wires could be a hindrance and might lead to a mouth injury. Aligners fit over your teeth and gums, so you won’t get any injury as you can always remove them before a game.
  • Boosts Confidence: After winning the game, athletes enjoy smiling back at a cheering crowd.
  • Save Money: With aligners, protect your mouth and teeth while playing a sport. Remove your aligners before your game and keep them in a safe place during your game or practice. It is cost-effective also.
  • Invisible: They are made of a transparent polymer material, so they are invisible.
  • Easily removable: Aligners can be easily removed. The athletes should wear for at least 20 to 22 hours each day to be effective.
  • More versatile: Innovations like power ridges in aligners control which teeth move and which don’t.

If you are interested to know in detail about the aligners, an expert orthodontist can help you choose the right treatment path based on your requirements. If the idea of clear aligners appeals to you, get in touch with the experts of Smile Architect Centre for Dental & Invisible Braces.

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