Smile Makeover For A Better Smile

The makeover is the process of improving the smile appearance through one or more smile correction in Karnataka that includes:

  • Composite bonding
  • Dental veneers
  • Whitening of teeth
  • Implantation of tooth

Some of the components that take into consideration consists of skin tone, facial appearance, hair color, skin tone, gum tissue, teeth, and lips.
The makeover is performed for many reasons and customized according to the sole consideration.
Some aspects of the smile that the smile makeover clinic Bangalore will review with you and that needs to be improved include the following:
The color of the tooth: Amalgam or silver dental fillings can get replaced with colored composite restoration, natural and white teeth whitening can enhance the tone of dulled or stained teeth.
Spacing and Alignment: Teeth that are overlapping, crooked or have gaps in between can be aligned and straightened when necessary.
Missing teeth: One or more can affect the appearance of the smile. Missing teeth can get replaced with dental implants, partial dentures or bridges.
Balance and Harmony: Chipped, uneven and cracked teeth can be bonded cosmetically for the improved appearance, and the gummy smile can be re-contoured to help improve the look of the smile.
Fuller smile, lips, and cheeks: The aging face can be rejuvenated or improved with the specific procedure in the category of a smile makeover, which includes oral maxillofacial surgery or orthodontics.

Components of smile makeover

In addition to the alignment, color or balancing the teeth in the sone of a smile, several attributes are there of your smile and teeth DR.GIRISH P.V of Smile Architect Centre will evaluate with you while planning for the makeover. It includes:
Length of the tooth: Long teeth leads to a youthful appearance. Aging produces tear that results in shorter teeth, and the gummy smile can also make the teeth appear shorter.
Smile line: It is the imaginary line that usually follows the edges of teeth on top from side to side, which should be same as the curve of your lower lip while you smile.
Smile Architect, center for dental and invisible braces, Jayanagar, Bangalore offers advanced smile correction techniques. Follow the instruction of the dentist for the long-term beauty of a new smile

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