Protect Your Tooth by Root Canal Treatment

a dentist checking the woman s teeth

A root canal treatment is recommended for the decayed or infected tooth treatment. The tooth is repaired or saved by removing the nerve and pulp and sealed the inside of the tooth in the treatment process. if root canal treatment is not performed on time, it will become infected and develop abscesses

The natural cavity present in the center of the tooth is known as root canal. The soft area of the root canal is known as pulp chamber or pulp. The tooth nerve is present in the root canal area. An infection or abscessed tooth is developing when nerve tissue or pulp of the tooth is decayed and breaks down. This will allow bacteria to growth and multiply in the pulp. An abscess is a pus filled pocket that develops at the end of the roots of the tooth. An infection or abscess in the root canal can cause swelling, drainage problems or bone loss into the gums.

The procedure of root canal is painful. The first few days are complicated as the tooth may feel sensitivity because of the natural tissue inflammation. The treatment needs only one sitting but it may increase according to the requirement. The discomfort or sensitivity can be controlled by the counter pain medications. Generally, most patients can begin their normal life from the next day.

Root canal treatment is highly successful process but it also has some complications such as

  • An undetected crack in the tooth root
  • More number of root canals in the tooth
  • Defective dental restoration
  • Break down of the tooth inner sealing that allows bacteria to grow

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