Invisible Braces: Get The Smile You’ve Always wanted

A natural, straight row of teeth is overrated. Almost all of us have some kind of imperfection regarding our teeth. The thought of wearing metal braces does not appeal to most. The stigma of crooked, wayward and unattractive teeth invades our confidence. We become more concerned about our smile and in effect the potential beautiful smile gets veiled. We start covering up our mouth while smiling and talking. It is time to change the sails. Gone are the days of metal wired braces. Invisible braces are the current trend.


The main advantage of these braces are as the name suggests, they are mostly invisible. Made of see-through plastic material they can be placed on the set of teeth to align them accordingly. Another important characteristic of these are that they are customised. They are smooth, comfortable and virtually painless. There are no brackets or wires involved.

The effectiveness of these braces depends highly on the consistency of the wearer. Wearing them religiously and following the expert advice effectively, reduces the treatment period and makes it faster than that of metal braces. These braces are removable. So the issues of flossing and brushing are avoided, though the risk of misplacement exists. They provide less pressure on teeth and gums than the normal brace thereby increasing comfort. Invisible braces are costlier than the traditional metal braces

Smile Architect, centre for dental and invisible braces, Jayanagar, Bangalore offers advanced smile correction techniques. One of the first to introduce the treatment with invisible braces, the hospital provides 24-hour orthodontic services. With all modern amenities and advanced technology, the hospital is easily accessible with an ample parking area. It has a very hygienic atmosphere and follows all standards of sterilization. A competitive price structure and attractive packages makes it a preferred location for dental treatment.

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