Invisible Braces Bangalore

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Misaligned teeth, crooked teeth, gapped teeth are various teeth problems faced by us. These teeth problems can be corrected by orthodontic braces. Brackets and wires are braces for teeth alignment. Braces are fixed on teeth during the treatment procedure. Invisible Braces are completely different from traditional braces. Invisible braces are purely transparent and it does not contain brackets and wires. Invisible Braces are made up of medical grade plastic.

Advantages of Invisible Braces over other Dental Braces
As name indicated invisible braces are not visible. This is the feature of invisible braces. Invisible Braces are completely customized in accordance with patient needs. Invisible braces are very helpful, and it does not cause pain to gum and cheeks. They are completely removable. It is possible to remove invisible braces while eating and drinking. The result of invisible braces are very good, can see the result of treatment even before the treatment begins.

Drawbacks of Invisible Braces Treatment
This type of treatment is much expensive than any other dental braces treatment. These braces are kept in water or any other storage liquid when they are away from the mouth. It cannot placed in dry medium, it may cause teeth discoloration. When invisible braces are removed from teeth, they must clean with a pure water and needed can use a toothbrush and paste for making it clear.

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