Invisalign Treatment in Bangalore

Invisalign is the advanced treatment used to straighten the crooked teeth and improve the smile. Braces was used before, which cause sores and mouth injuries due to the wires used in it. Invisibility is the most important advantage of invisalign. It is painless and also does not require any metal fittings. Walk into Smile Architect Center for Dental and Invisible Braces to smile confidently through Invisalign Treatment in Bangalore.

How invisalign works ?

At starting, dental practitioner will examine your teeth. Then the actual procedure starts by taking impressions of your teeth using a material. Impression trays are filled with this material of impression, then the trays are placed over your teeth. After everything is set, these trays are carefully removed. Impressions and dental records are sent to invisalign. This impressions are used to create a digital model of your teeth. Based on dental practitioner’s treatment plan, the invisalign software plans the movement of the teeth from their current position to the desired position allowing you to see how the teeth may look after treatment. Once your 3D treatment plan is approved by you and your dental practitioner. A series of invisible aligners are custom made for you. The aligners follow the treatment plan stages. You place this aligners over your teeth. It can be removed for eating, cleaning and drinking. Every two weeks, you are switched to next set of aligners. Each aligners moves the teeth stage by stage and at last gives the straighten the teeth and also gives the confidence to smile.

Advantages of invisalign :

  • Effectively straightens your teeth
  • Effectively treats crowding, overbite and spacing
  • Consist of smooth plastic instead of sharp metal
  • Can remove whenever you need
  • Does not cause any discomfort to your tongue
  • No restriction in the types of food you eat

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