Give a Beautiful Smile Without Hesitation With Invisible Braces

a clear retainer on a person s hands wearing gloves

The style and personality of a person are significantly contributed to the success of their social and professional life. Having a beautiful smile can add an advantage in that. The treatment of developing a beautiful smile through invisible braces is quite popular these days.

What are invisible braces?

Invisible braces or lingual braces are used to fix the inner side of the teeth. In this treatment method, materials such as wires, elastics, or brackets are used to align and rearrange the teeth. These braces are mounted on the backside of the jaws, hence called as inside or invisible braces due to their positioning. Smile Architect, Bangalore provides excellent invisible braces treatment in Karnataka.

What is the difference between invisible and conventional braces?

Invisible and conventional braces are same in the material used and method of mounting. The only difference between both is their positioning. Invisible braces are mounted inside the jaws and conventional braces are mounted outside the jaws. Invisible braces are not properly visible in public and conventional braces are visible in public. Invisible braces are excellent for the patients wanted correction of their teeth with less discomfort and an aesthetic appearance.

Who are suitable for invisible braces?

Invisible braces are not suitable for everyone as people do have many misalignment or complex bite cases. Invisible braces are not suitable for baby teeth and recommended only for teenagers and adults. Invisible braces are good for the people having

  • Crowded or widely spaced teeth
  • Overbite or over jet
  • Crooked teeth

What are the advantages of invisible braces?

  • Invisible braces have many advantages.
  • It is a simple procedure, painless and no required hospitalization or anesthesia.
  • It is a 3D stimulation procedure that provides pictures and impression of a person’s teeth. This will help the dentist to make a plan before starting the procedure.
  • The treatment provides aesthetic looks as made from a clear acrylic or plastic material.
  • The maintenance of the braces is quite easy and maintains oral cleanliness and health.
  • Invisible braces are very comfortable to wear.

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